The Cream of Galton & Simpson – a personal selection of their finest work

For my own personal project – and for those who perhaps haven’t heard or seen much, or indeed any, of their work  – I’ve drawn up a list of what I think is the cream of Galton & Simpson. They wrote 600 scripts of radio, TV & Film, so to dive in to an ouvre as vast as theirs with no guide can be somewhat daunting.

So here’s my guide. I’ve whittled it down from 600 to 60-odd – a gigantic task.

Very personal, very partial, but each one is a comic delight, and each one – astonishingly – is a masterpiece.


The Poetry Society

Sunday Afternoon at Home

The Last Bus Home

Hancock’s War

The Childhood Sweetheart

The Elopement

The Wild Man of the Woods

The Last of the McHancocks

Hancock’s Happy Christmas

The Christmas Club

Almost a Gentleman

Hancock in the Police

The Emigrant

The Unexploded Bomb

The Americans Hit Town

The Threatening Letters

The Sleepless Night

Fred’s Pie Stall

The Diary

Visiting Day – Hancock in Hospital


The Bedsitter

Twelve Angry Men

The Missing Page

Sid in Love

The Oak Tree

The Babysitters

The Economy Drive

The Two Murderers

Lord Byron Lived Here

The Big Night

The Cold

The Reunion Party

The East Cheam Centenary

The Poison Pen Letters

The Radio Ham

Succession – Son and Heir

The Bowmans

The Train Journey

The Lift

The Blood Donor


The Offer (pilot – Comedy Playhouse)

The Desperate Hours

Divided We Stand

The Piano

Wallah-wallah Catsmeat

A Star is Born

Without Prejudice

Robbery with Violence

Live now P.A.Y.E. later

The Siege of Steptoe Street

Oh What a Beautiful Mourning

Back in Fashion

Men of Letters

Upstairs, Downstairs, Upstairs, Downstairs

The Bath

A Musical Evening

Two’s Company

Tea for Two

Cuckoo in the Nest


The Rebel 1960

The Bargee 1963

The Wrong Arm of the Law 1964

Loot (adaptation of Orton’s play) 1970


Clochemerle (adaptation of Gabriel Chevallier’s novel) 1972.


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