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A  fantastic new TV series has just been announced,  “Pompidou!” ~ which I am writing with Matt Lucas and Ashley Blaker. This is tremendously exciting for many reasons, chief of which that this is the first silent comedy TV series to be made for almost twenty years! – since Rowan Atkinson’s ‘Mr. Bean.’

You can read more details about the show here…

and here…

Matt, myself and Ashley Blaker have created and written the show, working hard in the last year or so on the pilot – and BBC1 have commissioned six episodes to be filmed and broadcast in 2014. It is more than a delight to be working with Matt Lucas, who is not only a master of modern comedy but shares my love for the great visual comic stars of the past – such as Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy, Buster Keaton, Jacques Tati and Marty Feldman, who have always been my comic heroes. We hope to create a series that is both fresh, original and of appeal to all ages – a true Saturday Night Teatime BBC 1 Family Show! 




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