Hello! – and welcome to the website of Mr. Julian Alexander Dutton – writer, actor, impressionist & voice artist. Do have a seat.

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PORTRAITHello. I’m a writer and performer whose work has won a BAFTA, a British Comedy Award, and a Radio Academy Gold Award. I have written 50 episodes of TV and more than 200 radio shows, including my own hit radio series Truly Madly Bletchley, The Secret World (winner of the Radio Academy Gold Award for Best Comedy) and The Harpoon, written with Peter Baynham. I co-created, wrote & co-starred in BBC1’s The Big Impression, BBC2’s Pompidou with Matt Lucas, the CBBC sitcom Scoop which ran for 39 episodes, the comedy cartoon series Little People for the USA, and was a lead writer for the hit CBBC comedy series Chucklevision for four years. I am the author of several books and have toured the UK in hit stage shows such as Do You Think That’s Wise? – the Life & Times of John Le Mesurier. 

After my sell-out UK tour of Do You Think That’s Wise? – the Life & Times of John Le Mesurier, I was in the middle of  a tour of my one-man impressions show Last of the Summer Wine when Covid-19 struck and unfortunately, along with all other theatre productions in the country, it had to be cancelled. But FIND OUT WHAT I’M DOING NOW!

For more details on my life & work check out JULIAN DUTTON on WIKIPEDIA





My visual comedy series Pompidou, co-created with Matt Lucas, aired on BBC2 and in 192 countries on Netflix.





I co-created, wrote and guest-starred in Alistair McGowan’s Big Impression for BBC1.
I co-created, wrote & starred in The Harpoon, with Peter Baynham, for BBC R4.
My series Truly, Madly, Bletchley, for R4, starred myself with Liz Fraser, David Battley, Toby Longworth & Simon Godley.

My TV comedy series for CBBC, Scoop, ran for 39 episodes.
I wrote Chucklevision for four years and was honoured to be asked to write the very last episode of this legendary CBBC series.



I am the author of several books, including Keeping Quiet: Visual Comedy in the Age of Sound, published by Chaplin Books, and Shakespeare’s Journey Home: a Traveller’s Guide through Elizabethan England. My next book, Water Gypsies, a social history of life on Britain’s rivers and canals 500bc-the present, will be published by the History Press in Spring 2021. CLICK BOOKS FOR MORE DETAILS.




I’ve had columns in the Sunday Times, Independent on Sunday & Evening Standard.


I have voiced, written & performed dozens of TV & Radio adverts over the years, including the 2nd Secret Lemonade Drinker Ads ~ one with the great Ronnie Corbett.




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Thanks for popping by! FOR ALL WORK ENQUIRIES, CONTACT julianalexdutton@gmail.com


  1. Congratulations on the new show with Matt Lucas. Pat would be so impressed, you have done amazingly well and I follow your work avidly as a keen R4 fan. I hope it is a great success,

    1. Thanks Molly! How lovely to hear from you. We’re nearly finished filming on the TV series so I’ll keep you posted with when it’s going out. Hope all well! – and thanks for listening to the radio stuff – about to record a new series, an impressions show ‘Lewis Macleod is Not Himself.’ All the best, Julian x

  2. I’ll listen out for the new impressions series. Am guessing the thing with Matt Lucas won’t transfer well to radio…:-)

  3. cant believe you and i used to walk home from school together 🙂 you always said you wanted to be an actor good to see you made it well done julian

  4. Dear Julian Dutton,

    Just caught your celebration of the life of John Le Mesurier in Hemel and firstly wish to thank you for your patient skilled channeling of one of British popular culture’s life-affirming heroes. His biography is not the best researched nor written but it is one of the most touching, and your performance recalled reading it vividly. While his work for Dad’s Army is rightly acclaimed, it was a great pleasure to witness his longer career acknowledged in your play. Le Mesurier’s long list of what he called ‘bit parts’ but which were, more accurately, character roles, in so many films and TV fictions, include the comic, of course, but also the more dramatic. I wanted, therefore, to mention his short but heart-breaking performance in a 1950’s crime drama called Jigsaw. You may well know it, of course, but if not, I do recommend you seek it out: Talking Pictures channel runs it regularly and there’s always YouTube. Finally, I just wondered how you got from Hemel to St Austell in 24 hours. Do you time travel as well as channel the great and good?

    Best wishes,

    David Lusted

    1. Thank you so much for kind words David. Yes, Jigsaw great! I’ve tried to balance John’s lightness of touch with some of the darker stuff & tones which many haven’t seen, eg his performance in Traitor. Thanks again!

  5. Hi Julian! Hope you’re well! Do you remember when you starred in an episode of Nuzzle & Scratch as Mr. Haddock? The episode was “The School Caretakers”.

  6. You said that when you were doing the “slipping on the floor” scene in the Nuzzle & Scratch episode, you were on some sort of trolley. What sort of trolley was it?

  7. Dear Julian,

    We haven’t met but, hey, I’m American; we don’t do formalities. I was prompted to look you up by admiration for your series “The Harpoon.” It’s brilliant. The voicings and SFX are perfect, but as a writer I appreciate the underlying comedy scripts even more. “La Nada” is a polished gem.
    If that splendid series merits but a wisp of a mention on your website, my god, man, what must the rest of your ouevre be like? (American I may be, but, hey, I can do pompous.) Jocundity aside, I’m a genuine admirer. Hope to find more of your work online.
    Meantime, perhaps I can do you a small service. When I Googled you, up popped a box on the right with photos of your good self appearing to be a man of about my age, yet it gives your birthyear as 2000 and your age as 20. Is someone having a joke at your expense?


    Clay Farris Naff*
    *Yes, I know my family name is a joke in GBR. Everyone’s been very kind…

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